Who is Penn Community for Justice?

  • We organize to demand that Penn defund and eventually disband Penn Police and make Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOTs) to the Education Equity Fund in support of Philadelphia public schools.
  • We believe in multifaceted, intersectional activism that implores a wide array of tactics and allows a multitude of voices to be heard. We are firmly committed to using our bodies and minds to reach these goals and hold Penn and the city of Philadelphia accountable.
  • We aim to exude empathy, collaboration and shared leadership. We strive to foster an organizing environment where people of all backgrounds and experience levels can feel safe, encouraged and free from judgement.
  • Grown an online forum of 3500+ members.
  • Co-organized four direct actions targeting Penn Police, University City Police, police brutality and demanding Penn Pay PILOTs with a wide range of community partners
  • Worked with Philly Jobs with Justice to lobby the City of Philadelphia and the UPENN Board of Trustees to create a meaningful PILOTs agreement
  • Initiated research, writing and creative projects related to PILOTs, campus police and gentrification perpetuated by universities in West Philadelphia [publications coming soon].
  • Created an online email campaign to demand accountability from Penn Police for their participation in the 52nd St. police attack on May 31st.
  • Participated in and organized panels, talks and teach-ins related to these subjects.
  • Are working with the NAACP and Drexel Lawyering Clinic on a civil case and a UN Human Rights Commission submission to demand justice from the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) for the 52nd St. police attack.
  • Participants in the Community Accountability and Advisory Council of the City Controller’s Office in an effort to audit the PPD’s response to uprisings in 2020.
  • Gave testimony at the Penn Public Safety Review and Outreach Initiative on the cause of abolishing Penn Police. We chose to give testimony in order to break through the echo-chamber and present abolitionist ideas to hundreds of viewers who may not have otherwise encountered them. We are proud of our statements and we invite you to view PCJ members Amelia Carter and Kaitlin Best’s testimony here (19mn30s) and here (starting at 1h 40m).
  • And much more!
  1. Penn Community for Justice Facebook Group/Community Forum
  2. Penn Community for Justice Page
  3. Penn Community for Justice Instagram
  1. ‘Fire Rush, defund UPPD, pay PILOTs’: Over 100 gather to protest Penn Police violence (The Daily Pennsylvanian)
  2. Penn, Drexel students call on universities to disband police departments (The Daily Pennsylvanian)
  3. Marchers push Drexel, Penn to dissolve private police forces by 2025 (WHYY)
  4. Penn, Drexel officers’ presence on 52nd Street renews calls to defund campus police (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  5. Protesters Demand University Of Pennsylvania, Drexel Dissolve Private Police Departments (CBS Philly)
  6. Philly police actions on 52nd Street under investigation, but distrust of cops keeps some witnesses silent (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  7. Protesters call for Drexel, Penn to dissolve campus police forces by 2025 (Philly Voice)
  8. Video: Protesters Demand Penn, Drexel Dissolve Private Police Departments (MSN)
  9. Faculty, alumni pressure Penn to make payments to support Philly schools in push for ‘racial and economic justice’ (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  10. Video: Inside Look: Protests on Drexel’s Campus (Drexel University Television)
  11. Video: University of Pennsylvania students and staff protest campus police involvement in West Philly (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  12. How 52nd Street became a target for Philadelphia Police (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  13. Besieged, then betrayed (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  14. Hundreds march in Center City against police brutality in response to Jacob Blake shooting (The Daily Pennsylvanian)
  1. Protest UPenn’s Assault on West Philadelphia — July 24, 2020
  2. Rally to demand PILOTs from David Cohen! — July 31, 2020
  3. March on University City — August 9, 2020
  4. New Student Preceptorial: Penn in the Wake of BLM- August 25, 2020
  5. Justice for Jacob Blake September 4, 2020
  6. PCJ New Member Orientation Public September 8, 2020
  7. Protest Trump’s Philly Townhall September 15, 2020



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Penn Community for Justice

Penn Community for Justice


A group of UPENN and Philadelphia community members who are committed to fighting for racial and economic justice. Join here: https://tinyurl.com/PCJpledge